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Eindhoven ist eine lebhafte Stadt mit vielen Geschäften, Bars und Restaurants sowie einladenden Freiluftcafés. Die Stadt präsentiert auch hochwertige Kunst. Shoppen zwischen futuristischer Architektur und kreativen Zentren: In Eindhoven finden Sie die neuesten Trends rund um Mode, Design und Wohnkonzepte. Eindhoven ([ˈɛintˌɦoːvə(n)], Audio-Datei / Hörbeispiel anhören) ist eine Gemeinde in der Provinz Noord-Brabant im Süden der Niederlande. Sie liegt auf​. Sichern Sie sich tolle Angebote und buchen Sie Ihr Hotel in Eindhoven, Niederlande online. Gute Verfügbarkeiten und attraktive Preise. Lesen Sie. Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie alles für Eindhoven, Provinz Nordbrabant: unabhängige Bewertungen von Hotels, Restaurants und Sehenswürdigkeiten.

Niederlande Eindhoven

Hotel-Sonderangebote in Eindhoven. bietet zu niedrigsten Preisen das benutzerfreundlichste und akkurateste System für Online-Buchungen für Hotels. Ferienwohnung ∙ 2 Gäste ∙ 1 Schlafzimmer. Eindhoven, Nordbrabant, Niederlande. ab € €. Casamundo. 4,8. Zum Angebot. Ferienwohnung Eindhoven. Der Ort Eindhoven liegt im Süden der Niederlande und war schon früh eine Station auf dem Handelsweg zwischen den Niederlanden und.

In quella di sinistra viene raffigurato un leone rosso su campo argentato, mentre nella parte di destra vi sono tre corni argentati su sfondo rosso.

Lo stemma unisce il leone del duca di Brabante e i corni del signore di Cranendonk. Particolare importanza ha il calcio.

Eindhoven ha anche un'altra squadra, l' FC Eindhoven , che milita in seconda serie. Un terzo del denaro destinato in questo stato alla ricerca e allo sviluppo, si concentra appunto ad Eindhoven.

Attualmente ospita la biblioteca pubblica, la Design Academy e alcuni negozi. Inoltre Eindhoven ha ospitato la Robocup , gara di massimo livello internazionale di robotica.

Altri progetti. Musei d'arte Van Abbemuseum di Eindhoven Aggiungi all'itinerario. Arte moderna all'interno di un museo moderno Continua. Musei Museo Philips Aggiungi all'itinerario.

Scopri tutte le innovazioni rivoluzionarie sotto lo stesso tetto. Architettura Evoluon, Eindhoven Aggiungi all'itinerario. Cucina olandese I prodotti tipici del Brabante settentrionale.

Ristoranti 5 ristoranti a Eindhoven. Dove pernottare Alloggi unici Sistemazioni esclusive a Eindhoven. Alberghi Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven.

Alberghi Boutique Hotel Lumiere. This cooperative tradition has also developed into a different direction than the traditional technology research done at the university.

Starting in , the university, the Catharina hospital, Philips Medical and the University of Maastricht joined forces and started joint research into biomedical science , technology and engineering.

This development has also made Eindhoven a biomedical technology hub within the country and its European region. Prime examples of industrial heritage in Eindhoven are the renovated Witte Dame "White Lady" complex, a former Philips lamp factory; and the Admirant building informally known as Bruine Heer or "Brown Gentleman" in reference to the Witte Dame across the street , the former Philips main offices.

The Witte Dame currently houses the municipal library , the Design Academy and a selection of shops. The Admirant has been renovated into an office building for small companies.

Across the street from the Witte Dame and next to the Admirant is Philips' first light bulb factory nicknamed Roze Baby, or "Pink Baby" , in reference to its pink colour and much smaller size when compared to the "White Lady" and "Brown Gentleman".

The small building now houses the "Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst" centre artificial light in art [26] and the "Philips Incandescent Lamp Factory of " museum.

Due to its high-tech environment, Eindhoven is part of several initiatives to develop, foster and increase a knowledge economy.

Chief among these are:. As a result of these efforts, the Intelligent Community Forum named the Eindhoven metro region one of the top intelligent communities in and one of the top-7 intelligent communities in and The co-locations are on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

In addition, Eindhoven is a higher-education hub within the southern Netherlands, with several institutes of higher education that serve students from the extended region of North Brabant , Zeeland , Limburg and parts of the surrounding provinces.

Primary education is provided to the children aged 4 to 12 in Eindhoven through a large number of primary schools:.

Secondary education is provided to the children aged 12 to 18 in Eindhoven through several highschools:. Eindhoven hosts four different public institutions for higher and adult education, as well as a number of private institutions offering courses and trainings.

The public institutions hosted in Eindhoven are:. The Open University also has a study center in Eindhoven.

Among the private institutions is the Centrum voor Kunsten Eindhoven , which offers art-related courses to adults including a DJ-education.

The municipal council is the legislative council at the municipal level in Eindhoven; its existence is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands.

The Eindhoven city council consists of 45 elected representatives from the Eindhoven municipality. These are elected during municipal elections from candidates running in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven politics consists of local branches of the national political parties and purely local parties with strictly local interests. The city council reflects this mix in its makeup.

The last three municipal elections were held on 7 March , 3 March and 19 March The division of the 45 seats in the Eindhoven city council after these elections is shown below: [37].

The mayor is appointed by the monarch , but the council of aldermen is composed as a result of the formation of a local coalition government.

This coalition is formed in such a way as to be able to rely on a majority of the votes in the city council.

Together they have 26 seats in the city council. The council of aldermen consists of the following people: [38].

The mayors of the Netherlands are not elected but appointed by the crown. Nevertheless, there has been a movement over the last few years to give the municipalities more say in who will be their mayor, which has resulted in consultative referenda being held in the larger cities to "suggest" a candidate for the post.

On 23 January , a referendum to elect a mayor was held in Eindhoven. This referendum, the second of its kind in the Netherlands, was attended by Nevertheless, the city council would choose the winner of the referendum as the preferred candidate.

The main reason for the low attendance was that the candidates, Leen Verbeek and Rob van Gijzel, were from the same party. Rob van Gijzel won the referendum with He also has responsibility for a number of specific posts like the aldermen.

In the previous council, mayor Van Gijzel held responsibility for the following posts: [38]. Eindhoven is also known as the City of Light, due to Philips originating from there and because of several projects involving lighting up buildings of the city.

During Carnival , Eindhoven is rechristened Lampegat Hamlet of Lamps, although for the ironic purposes of carnival the translation Hole in the ground with lamps is closer to the mark ; this refers again to the important role of Philips in the Eindhoven community.

Eindhoven was home to the Evoluon science museum , sponsored by Philips. The Evoluon building has evolved into a conference centre.

The Eindhoven public space contains many forms of artistic expression a book published by the Eindhoven tourist board records as of and more have been added since , with high "concentrations" of them in the parks.

The Stadswandelpark for instance, contains over 30 works of modern art. There are also several other works of art on permanent display throughout the city, such as Flying Pins by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen , who considered the location on the southern stretch of the John F.

Kennedylaan to be like a bowling alley and Swing a construct on the Karel de Grotelaan, which morphs into different geometric shapes as you move around it.

There is a statue of Anton Philips in front of the central railway station. Eindhoven is also, to some degree, open to forms of impromptu and alternative art.

For example, the Berenkuil is a freezone for graffiti artists in the city. Strijp-S is a place for experimentiation with LED lighting, which keeps the historic connection with Philips' past.

The Effenaar is a popular music venue and cultural center in Eindhoven, and is located at the Dommelstraat.

In , the Muziekcentrum Frits Philips was opened as a stage for classical and popular music in Eindhoven, reviewed by critics as a concert hall with acoustics that rival the best halls in Europe.

Before that, Philips sponsored the POC. Parktheater Eindhoven is Eindhoven's stage for opera, cabaret, ballet etc.

Opened in , it has received over , visitors every year. With its 1, m2 it has one of the largest stages in the Netherlands. With a major renovation ending in , the new Parktheater will receive an estimated , visitors a year.

Eindhoven's Plaza Futura is now a cinema featuring cultural movies, lectures and special cultural events. Especially for students, Studium Generale Eindhoven organizes "socially, culturally and intellectually formative events".

The general music and theatre scene in Eindhoven in the broadest sense is supported by a foundation called PopEi. PopEi also provides a working environment for groups through cafeteria facilities in Strijp-S , so groups can have real working days and provides some logistical support for organizing events.

Eindhoven has a lively recreational scene. For going out, there are numerous bars on the Market square , Stratumseind Stratum's End which is the largest pub-street in the Netherlands, Dommelstraat, Wilhelmina square and throughout the rest of the city.

Eindhoven also hosts a large number of cultural and entertainment-oriented festivals. The biggest festivals in Eindhoven are:. Eindhoven contains several parks and a lot of open, green space.

It is also the greenest of the five largest cities in North Brabant. The green area per house is about square metres 1, square feet.

There is also a green area surrounding the Karpendonkse Plas a water area. The combination of park area, water and general atmosphere got the Ooievaarsnest neighborhood elected the "Best large-city neighborhood of the Netherlands" by the NRC Handelsblad in The centre of town features two casinos one branch of Holland Casino and the independent Casino4Events.

At the A67 a Jack's casino is located. There is a red light district on the Baekelandplein, as well as four brothels throughout the city.

There is also a blue movie theater. The old Philips factory complex has been transformed into a multi-purpose cultural and residential complex called Strijp-S.

This includes conference and event space, space for concerts and events, art of lighting, space for sports such as BMX, bouldering, and more, a walking promenade, etc.

Eindhoven features several print media. The local newspaper , called the Eindhovens Dagblad , is a daily newspaper with over , subscribers in the Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven region.

In addition to the newspaper, Eindhoven is served by a number of weekly door-to-door publications. Chief among these is Groot Eindhoven which carries publications of the city council, as well as other articles and advertisements.

The first two are delivered midweek, the last two are weekend publications. There are several regional and municipal radio stations. Local television is provided by Studio Omroep Brabant broadcasts regionally from its television studio in Son.

Internet, television and telephone connectivity is available via cable television , optic fiber and ADSL.

Eindhoven Airport is the closest airport, located approximately 8 kilometres 5 miles from the town centre. The airport serves as a military air base and a civilian commercial airport.

Eindhoven Airport is the second-busiest in the Netherlands after Schiphol. Eindhoven Airport served more than 6.

Eindhoven is a rail transport hub. Eindhoven Centraal railway station is the main station in Eindhoven.

It has connections in the directions of:.

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Retrieved 12 January Located on the 2nd floor of Seven of these buslines - are marketed as high quality public transport and run with 43 electric articulated busses. Essential Eindhoven. The prefix "Groot-" was later dropped. Aroundthe city's fortifications were strengthened. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. This referendum, the second of its kind in right! Klatsch Fix understand Netherlands, was attended by Di conseguenza, pararius. Niederlande Eindhoven Wenn es dunkelt in Utrecht, wird in der fast Jahre alten Stadt nicht einfach nur das Licht eingeschaltet. Trajectum Lumen heißt ein von internationalen. Ferienwohnung ∙ 2 Gäste ∙ 1 Schlafzimmer. Eindhoven, Nordbrabant, Niederlande. ab € €. Casamundo. 4,8. Zum Angebot. Ferienwohnung Eindhoven. Schwimmen De Tongelreep, Antoon Coolenlaan 1, RX Eindhoven, Tel. ​, Subtropisches Schwimmparadies, das größte. Hotel-Sonderangebote in Eindhoven. bietet zu niedrigsten Preisen das benutzerfreundlichste und akkurateste System für Online-Buchungen für Hotels. Der Ort Eindhoven liegt im Süden der Niederlande und war schon früh eine Station auf dem Handelsweg zwischen den Niederlanden und. Wir haben ein tolles und entspanntes Wochenende verbracht. Die Stadt beheimatet den This web page sowie die wichtigste Produktionsstätte des Elektronikkonzerns Philips. Reiseveranstalter anmelden. Das lässt die Stadt eher kühl und industriell wirken. Einstellungen speichern. Gezana Eritrean Restaurant. Cookies, die messen, wie unsere Seite genutzt wird. Philips ist, obwohl fast unsichtbar, für Kenner immer noch allgegenwärtig. Sie sind jetzt angemeldet.